FlowTransactionError Interface

The FlowTransactionError interface defines the structure of an error related to Flow blockchain transactions in the Flooks library.


export interface FlowTransactionError {
  type: FlowTransactionErrorType;
  message: string;
export type FlowTransactionErrorType =
  | 'unknownError'
  | 'transactionError'
  | 'closedPopUpError';


  • type: FlowTransactionErrorType
    • Specifies the type of the error. It's a union type that can be one of the following:
      • 'unknownError': Represents an unspecified error.
      • 'transactionError': Indicates an error that occurred during the transaction process.
      • 'closedPopUpError': Occurs when a transaction-related popup is closed unexpectedly.
  • message: string
    • A descriptive message providing details about the error.


This interface is used to represent errors that may occur during transaction processing on the Flow blockchain. It provides a standardized way to capture and communicate error details, which is essential for error handling and user feedback in blockchain applications.