FlowEvent Interface

The FlowEvent interface defines the structure of an event within the Flow blockchain ecosystem, as represented in the Flooks library.


export interface FlowEvent {
  type: string;
  transactionId: string;
  transactionIndex: number;
  eventIndex: number;
  data: any;


  • type: string
    • Specifies the type of the event.
  • transactionId: string
    • The unique identifier of the transaction that generated this event.
  • transactionIndex: number
    • The index of the transaction in the block.
  • eventIndex: number
    • The index of the event in the transaction.
  • data: any
    • The data associated with the event. It's typed as any, allowing for flexibility in the kind of data an event can carry.


This interface is crucial for applications that interact with the Flow blockchain, especially those that need to respond to or process blockchain events. It provides a structured format for capturing all relevant details about an event, such as its type, associated transaction, and data payload.